About CFM

Cash Flow Management is a Commercial Collection Agency, founded in Portland, Oregon in 1980.

Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured,  Never Sued by a Debtor, Client or Creditor.

Cash Flow Management is a leader in Accounts Receivable, outsourcing and management for commercial credit grantors. Our portfolio of services include pre-to-post delinquent commercial accounts receivable management, and may entail partial to full outsourcing of the collection functions. Our clients are small to large commercial credit grantors who require quality results with personalized attention.  CFM offers specialized programs to create a seamless integrated process, through which our clients maintain control over their accounts, while our specialists recover their delinquent receivables.

Our team of professionals is consistently rated as a top company in the industry. The partnerships developed with our clients are a solid testimony to our ability to understand their business. These unique relationships enable us to contact our clients’ customers on both a first- and third- party basis.

Many of our clients continue to perform a portion of the credit function, allowing CFM to do the tedious follow-up work.  CFM in many instances, works the 80% who represent 20% of revenue. The Company is also well positioned to take any necessary legal steps to effect collections as approved by our clients.

Our West Coast physical presence allows us to more effectively manage all major U.S. time zones to maximize contact and recovery activities.  We can recover more accounts than Eastern and Central U.S. agencies because we are able to better manage contact times.