When past-due accounts reach the point where an amicable settlement cannot be reached, CFM will forward them on shutterstock_48612019your behalf, to a commercial litigation specialist in the debtor’s locale. CFM handles attorney selection and document forwarding, unless you select a firm you would prefer to work with. CFM clients receive excellent service and results due to the number and average balance of the claims we forward, as law firms are carefully selected, and because those firms want future referrals from CFM.

We act as your liaison with the law firm to decipher legalese, which is inherent in litigation. Our staff shepherds the entire process with legal from initial contact through conclusion. When CFM forwards your domestic claim to an attorney, an indemnity bond protects you.

Our legal department constantly monitors the law firms CFM uses. Our list of approved law firms is the result of extensive research, computerized records on performance and adherence to CFM’s ethical policies. If a law firm does not conduct their business in the proper manner, CFM does not make future referrals and may notify associates at other collection agencies, law list companies, and the proper authorities as necessary. We believe in ethical results.

We carefully evaluate accounts to hand over to these attorneys, and usually, there’s a very good reason. Typically, we have concluded our work and determined that our client would be better served by referring the account to an attorney for collection. We give the debtor every possible opportunity to pay the debt before litigation becomes necessary.

When accounts are forwarded for legal action, an additional fee is added to CFM’s fee as law firms often times charge more than our standard rate. There are also additional charges if suit is entered. CFM closely follows the file through the courts and into the sheriff’s hands for execution of the judgment, keeping you informed of all developments.

Occasionally, it is necessary to access legal counsel in another state, especially when your company provides goods or services to companies in different states across the USA or perhaps, countries of the world. At CFM, we have access to literally thousands of collection attorneys around the world who handle  commercial debts.

These are skilled collection attorneys who regularly collect debts for a living. The collection efforts of themselves and their staff are generally the main product of their business.