Status Reporting

Status reports are important to some clients and less critical to others. CFM can create a status report at any time during the month, following the parameters in your client agreement. We prefer to conserve our mutual resources and do not produce status reports for the companies that do not require these reports.

Our reports are created from the leading collection software in the industry. We have numerous status codes to give our client the good information. We provide you with a copy of our status codes and their definitions. This assists you in assessing whether or not we believe that we can collect a certain debt. CFM has a well-proven track record.

The overall reporting format generally contains balance placed, current balance including interest, date placed, account numbers, and status code columns. In addition, the number of accounts placed and the total amount of receivables placed is listed as well.

For some of our larger and technically capable clients, electronic reporting from our servers is available — with “customized” reports. This service provides real-time 24/7 access to account information. If you have questions concerning status reports or web access, please contact us.