No matter where your debtors are located, CFM has the resources and ability to represent you in the appropriate recovery of your asset.

Our commitment to excellence in the  fundamental principles of collection allow us to constructively resolve problems and maintain good will:

  • We focus on the ¬†situation, not the person. When an account becomes delinquent it is generally the circumstances, not the person that has changed.
  • We try to maintain the self-esteem of the debtor. We approach all past due accounts with professionalism, diplomacy, tact, and courtesy. Many times, we are dealing with people who are anxious and embarrassed — people who could be trying to work out a number of personal and financial problems.
  • We work hard to maintain good relationships. This positive approach pays off in the debtor’s long-range attitude and in a client’s bottom line. We take the initiative and make things happen. We don’t just collect accounts — because we work with the debtor and assist in addressing unique circumstances whenever possible.